Monday, May 26, 2014


Yesterday would have been the 58th birthday of an old friend of mine, who was also the father of one of my daughters. Certainly much too young to die.

I had not seen him for many years. He had lung cancer. I thought he had already quit smoking before. Apparently he did, but then he started up again.

He died on the day of the recall election, when Scott Walker won again. I remember having a funny feeling that day -- well, other than the obvious. It kept nagging at me. Something seemed wrong.

Okay, I kept saying to myself, "Of course something is wrong. Scott Walker is still governor." I trivialized it in this way. I did not realize until my daughter told me several months later.

So, I have a lot to memorialize today.

  • Oppenheim.
  • My dad, because it's Memorial Day, and he was a veteran, after all.
  • My mom, who also died of lung cancer in 2012, just three months before Oppenheim.

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