Friday, February 6, 2015

"There is no Dignity in Death by Suicide."

"Assisted suicide . . . is nothing more than a cruel lie."

Please read the entire letter from Wisconsin Vigil for Life, opposing the Euthanasia Bill, recently introduced by Democrats Sondy Pope-Roberts, and State Senator Fred Risser.

So-called “death with dignity” forces routinely speak of patients dying in intractable pain. They call killing oneself a “basic human right” that should be constitutionally protected. Yet medical studies show that virtually all pain can be alleviated at the end of life. The World Health Organization has found that 95 to 100 percent of the pain experienced by people at the end of life can be adequately controlled. Instead of killing the pain, “death with dignity” activists focus on killing the patient." 

----- Excerpt from the Vigil For Life memo, link above.

This week will be the 32d anniversary of my own little brother's suicide. He was born in 1962, when I was fourteen years old. He remembered sitting in his playpen while listening to everybody discussing President Kennedy's assassination, when he was a little more than a year old.

He would have turned fifty two years old in September of 2014. He used to sit in his little baby seat, or recliner, on the table, while I did my tenth grade homework. Of course, he outgrew that quickly, and became too active.

He died on February 11, 1983. I was away from Holy Mother Church. I did not even know at the time that February 11 was the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

February 11th is also World Day of the Sick now.

I felt greatly relieved when I rediscovered it was the Feast of Our Lady (I must have known it previously), as if Our Lady is taking a special interest in him, as she does for us all, of course.

He was buried on St. Valentine's Day. My kids and I took a little trip from the funeral home, to the convenience store across the street. They were getting restless at the funeral home. We bought a little box of candy Valentine hearts.

I remembered that I had bought cigarettes for my brother a few days before, in that same store.

This week is a very horrible week for me. I have psychiatric and emotional problems anyway, due to a traumatic past.

I would like to ask for my readers to pray for all those in Purgatory, and for all those with depression and panic disorder, and for those who are contemplating suicide, that they may remain hopeful.

If he were here now, I think he would probably laugh about whatever silliness had made him think of committing suicide back then.

Yet, some folks seem to think that was his "choice," and he had every "right" to do that.

Other, equally ignorant folks, tell me, they're sorry, but my little brother is in Hell, because everybody who commits suicide goes there. Therefore, my brother cannot possibly be in Heaven with Our Lord.

My brother did not have any assistance committing suicide, but the basic idea is the same:  Life is meaningless and without hope.

Catholics know better. We have the three great Theological Virtues:

  1. Faith. 
  2. Hope. 
  3. Charity.

(Not to mention those other four. )