Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's easier for a blog to find a home than an old lady.

I have been looking for a new home for my blog.

Lilies of the Valley, et al.
I've sort of given up --- for the time being, at least --- looking for a new home for myself, though. I will say why a little later.

WordPress seems to have a very steep learning curve. It is going to really take a very long time for me to develop any proficiency with WordPress, I can tell.

I probably will have to be back at Weebly for a while. At least I know how Weebly works, and it's pretty simple. Some tech reviewers, like Brandon Widder,Brandon Widder, at Digital Trends and Jill DuffyJill Duffy, at PC mag onlineJill Duffy. at PC mag online have written that Weebly is sort of limited, but, you know, what do I care about "limited" when I don't even know what all that fancy stuff is? And might not want or need to use it