Monday, November 9, 2015

. . . . back when cookies used to be delicious little dessert items baked in the oven . . .

For our Friends in Europe

(assuming Europe is the same as " the European Union" . . . ?? --- of which --- alas!! --- I am none so sure.)



  There seems to be a problem with something called (in tech parlance) "cookies."

I do not actually know what these cookies are, but I do know that they are very annoying. 

Even though they are annoying, they still seem to speed things up sometimes on the Internet.

Which makes no sense, I think?

Nevertheless . . . 

The main point that I need to get across today is that folks in Europe, or the European Union--- or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays --- may be getting some of these cookies --- which I believe are little bits of code that somehow get onto (or install themselves on) the computers of folks who read my blog.

Apparently, since there is a possibility of these cookies getting onto the hard drive (? is that the right term?) of anyone who may read this blog, I must legally notify all readers of this blog.

Further, I must obtain permission of anyone who reads this blog because the cookies may be somehow zapping through to the reader's computer at this very moment. Because the cookies are somehow able to actually store certain pieces or bits of code or information on the computer of anyone who reads a page of my blog.

Or, do the cookies store something on Google from the reader's computer?

It's very confusing to this granny. Plus, I told you I was crazy. Right in the title of my blog.


But, craziness does not absolve me of my responsibilities to my readers. 

I have an obligation to tell readers that Google Analytics uses cookies to glean information about their locations. Also, some other things, I think, like what operating system, browser, model of hardware, etc., readers are using. 

As you can see, I really don't know what I'm talking about here, but I am trying to kind of "squeak by" and fulfill my obligation as quickly and easily as possible. 

At least for now.

Otherwise, I may become "non-compliant," regarding cookie computing.

I will talk to some computer folks when I get a chance, in order to understand.

Right now, I should just link to the information that Google sent us bloggers: 

This page to help bloggers (like me!) know how to get the consent from readers (like you!)

I do not know for sure whether or not my "cookies notice" is really appearing on my blog.

I did take Google's advice about "pretending" I am logging in at an EU domain, to see if the cookies notice appears. It seems to be ok, but I'd like to be more confident. I'll keep checking.

The important thing is that readers in the E.U. must receive the required notification. In case that notice does not appear on the blog, I am saying it right here:

There are cookies on this blog. 

(I don't know if that's good enough or not ?)

I also want to ask about which language this notice should be in? Maybe a lot, since we're talking about Europe.

On the other hand, my blog is in English, so  . . . ?

My eyes hurt from looking at this screen. I'll offer it up for the souls in Purgatory, but I still need to stop for today.

Eyes are a wonderful gift from the Creator.

I cannot think of cookies and Europe without thinking of what I read about how the REAL cookies -- the ones baked in an oven --- actually got started by German bakers, who would bake little tiny samples of their cakes for tasting.

Then, thinking about these German bakers makes me think of Our Holy Father Emeritus, Benedict XVI because he was born in Bavaria. 


Here is an article about this cookie issue in the EU, but it's from 2011. Not sure how relevant it will be now.

Here is another helpful article from Google, but perhaps not specifically regarding the EU?

Last but not least: 

A recipe for classic sugar cookies from Martha.

Sugar, butter, flour, one egg, and a couple other small things.

You can make this recipe as is, just plain. You can also do lots of fancy stuff.

Either way, they're always delicious.


I have noticed some ads on some pages of my blog that seem to be trying to create the mistaken impression they refer to Holy Mother Church, when they really are from some kind of fear-mongering "prophecy" cult.

They create the illusion that they are speaking for Holy Mother Church, although it is pretty obvious they have no connection whatsoever with Her.

(This paragraph is blue, in honor of our Blessed Mother, The Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue. When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to have a 78 r.p.m. record of this by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.)

I hope I can rid my blog of these fear-mongering ads.They're really quite disgusting.

I have no way of knowing how accurate this website is, but it seems to have the ring of truth. The author has had some serious first-hand experience, unfortunately.

"Destructive religious groups, often referred to as Bible-based, apocalyptic cults, spiritually abusive churches, or high demand groups, are becoming more widespread in our society."


Please always feel free to consult the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Here is a complete Catechism in English on the Holy See website.

Here is another searchable Catechism (in English and Spanish) on the USCCB website.

(The Catechism is also in many languages on the Holy See website.
Here is a page regarding some technical aspects of the Catechism. --- Which I do not understand.)

Here is a link to  the website of the Holy See, which is translated into many languages online.

Here is the English version.

Here is the French version.

Here is the Chinese version.

Here is the Arabic version.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Long Time Since . . .

I promised to write more about Title IV-D, back on May 28th, of this year (2015.)

Today is October 1.


Four months have passed.


I am not an attorney. This is not legal advice.

It is information from my experience, or from reading, or some combination. I try to ensure accuracy by checking sources as much as I can, but I am also not a professional journalist.

For several decades, U. S. society has implicitly supported abortion in many different ways. Sixty million unborn babies have died cruel, violent deaths for no reason except "convenience."

But, those abortions have been much less convenient than raising a son or daughter would have been. I made that same tragic mistake myself --- TWICE!


Definition: "Title IV-D" refers to state-run child support enforcement programs which are funded through grants provided for by the Social Security Act of 1975. [Please note the date. --- Two years after Roe v. Wade.  I believe that Title IV of the Social Security Act may have been intended to save babies from abortion.]

Title IV of the Social Security Act covers grants to states for the purpose of providing aid and services to needy families with children and for child-welfare services. Part "D" of that law covers child support and the establishment of paternity. (Although Title IV-D is also for divorced parents.) 

(The above is quoted from the Single Parents section on About Dot Com.)

The main thing you need to know is this:  Get yourself to the district attorney's office, or the corporation counsel's office of your county, whichever county you happen to be in.

If you are in the United States of America, you are in a county.

Even if you are not in any city, town, village or township (municipality), you are still in a county.

Each county has a district attorney to represent state interest in criminal matters, and a corporation counsel, to represent the state interest in civil matters.

Title IV-D is important to mention whenever anyone tells you that you "cannot afford" a new baby, because you're single --- or for another reason.

People may tell you this in order to convince you that you should kill your unborn baby. Pro-aborts are quite adept at figuring out these excuses for killing your unborn baby.

 Here is the complete text of Title IV of the Social Security Act, in case you feel like boring yourself to death someday

Part D—Child Support and Establishment of Paternity 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ultrasound is rape, but abortion is totally non-invasive, according to dailykos

Dailykos publishes something about something. It's difficult to tell what's going on, exactly.

I hate including a link to their silly "journal" but I suppose I must, just for proper attribution purposes.

 All I can say is they love dead babies, and they love moms who kill them.

In order to prevent themselves and their readers from thinking about the very inconvenient fact that abortion kills a human being --- as well as the other inconvenient fact that abortion is never medically necessary --- they distract by writing the word, "rape" many times.

As if that were the issue.

Ultrasounds Save Lives

They are afraid that a mom might see an ultrasound of that little guy or gal, and be moved to change her mind about killing/aborting. They are afraid of that because it has happened many times. Many moms have changed their minds when seeing the little person on an ultrasound.

dailykos doesn't want "choice." They only want abortion.

When Did My Party Become the Abortion Party?

Governor Walker has a great pro-life record. That's why I voted for him, even though I have been a registered Democrat since 1969 --- the year I first became old enough to vote.

Here's a quote from the dailykos article: 
Since penetration of a woman's body without her consent is rape, and since Republican Legislatures are legalizing just that, Republican legislators should be brought up on rape charges. That includes Governor Walker, every Legislator who voted for a state mandated rape law, and every Governor who signed one into law.
Law suits need to be filed by women's groups. The American Medical Association should sign on as co-plaintiffs, refusing to be forced into being accomplices. Individuals subjected to such assaults should file class action suits.
All of us who are appalled at this twisting of our laws in order to hide Republican assaults upon our families, friends, and neighbors need to be raising our voices in righteous outrage.

This author actually wrote this with a straight face?

Of course she or he doesn't mean it. It's just pretense.

Pro-aborts love to pretend to burst with righteous indignation.

An ultrasound is a little sensor on the tummy, while you're fully clothed. (Maybe you have to pull your shirt up so the sensor can "sense" better?) I know this because I've had six kids.

I am sad to say that I have also had two abortions, may God forgive me.

(I received Absolution for these abortions, of course, before returning to the Sacraments for which I had longed so earnestly.)

Somebody on EWTN said that in the past, one could not simply receive Absolution for abortion in regular Confession. The priest had to go ask the bishop for special permission because it was rare back then --- before 1973. The penitent had to wait for that permission from the bishop.

Unfortunately, abortion is no longer that rare.

Still, I wish I could have my babies back. I think of them always, every day. I miss them. I wish I could see them again, but they are with the Lord. I was the one who sent them there prematurely.

The worst thing about an ultrasound is that it can hurt the baby's ears, I've heard. It makes a loud screech, that only the baby can hear.

(That is, of course, unless you want to promote abortion. In that case, everything about ultrasound is bad. That's why dailykos is so against it.)

I wish grievously, sadly, powerfully, that someone would have "forced" an ultrasound on me on those two dates. Because then my babies would be here with me now.

No, not "might."


One commenter posted this brilliant (NOT) insight to the article: 
" . . . I asked a close friend, who's also conservative and devoutly Catholic -- what he thought of this.  And he put it perfectly -- the way any thinking, feeling person on the Right should see it:  "Abortion is wrong.  But destroying the dignity of women doesn't make it any less wrong."
Would that all religious conservatives had that sensibility."

[NB:  Why all the labels? "Thinking?" ---- "feeling?"---- "on the Right?" ---- "conservative"?" What about the actual issue --- a baby has died, or will die in abortion? Why doesn't it make perfect sense to do as much as possible to prevent that death? ]

Abortion destroys the dignity of all involved.

Abortion destroys the life of a healthy baby.

Abortion also sometimes destroys the life of the mom, as well. (We don't really know how frequently moms are killed by abortion.)

If you don't want "penetration," don't get an abortion. Just let the little guy or gal continue to grow until she or he is ready to meet the world and continue growing in the outside world, as nature intended.

Yes, abortion IS wrong. But, just making that statement doesn't do anything or change anything. It's static.

"Abortion is wrong.  But destroying
 the dignity of 
doesn't make it any less wrong."

I find myself wondering what kind of allegedly "devoutly Catholic" person of any political stripe would or could say such a thing.

It seems to me that it is a little like saying, "Homicide is wrong. But, taking away that firearm from the potential murderer doesn't make it any less wrong. Because that firearm is her or his property, and nobody can interfere in her or his property rights."

Whether or not gun deprivation or ultrasound "makes" something "less wrong," isn't really the question, though, is it?

It PREVENTS that wrong from occurring in the first place. 

Later on, philosophers and theologians can debate on the hierarchy of wrong or harm.

Abortion is much more invasive and penetrating than any rape could ever be.

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, be grateful that your body is nice and healthy. Then, start checking out all the sources of help that are out there, whether you decide to raise the little guy or gal yourself, or to look for an adoptive family.

Be sure to start with Title IV-D at your local county, if you are keeping the little guy or gal. Title IV-D is a federal program, totally free in every county of the U.S.

I will write more about Title IV-D in another post.

I Pledge to Vote for a Pro-Life Candidate for President Petition | GoPetition

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Birthday of Crazy Homeless Catholic Grandma

The first post on this blog happened on May 26, 2014, which happened to be Memorial Day that year.

Well, this year, Memorial Day was yesterday, May 25, 2015. I did not attend Mass at the cemetery. In fact, I did not go to Mass at all yesterday, which is ok, because it was not a Holy Day of Obligation.

Still . . .it's always good to attend Mass on any day, for any reason.

Saturday, May 23, would have been my stepdad's 89th birthday. He was a veteran of World War II.

Yesterday, May 25th, would have been Oppenheim's 59th birthday. He was the son of a Holocaust Survivor.

Thanks to all who have read my blog during its first year. I hope there will be many more, and I hope my blog has brought a few bright moments to your lives.

God bless. Thanks for reading.

It's official (according to dailykos): Pope No Longer Catholic, As Journalists Have Been Predicting!!!

Cardinal Burke

It's official:  

Pope No Longer Catholic, As Liberal Journalists Have Been Predicting!!

Wow, what  bunch of idiots at this Kos publication!!

After ridiculing Cardinal Burke for suggesting that the Holy Father is not free to change doctrine or dogma by himself, they make this claim:

"Apparently the Pope is free, at minimum, to encourage change. This is one more reason why so many free-thinkers in America, and in other countries love Pope Francis."
(Um, shouldn't there be a comma between 'countries' and 'love' --- for the appositive?)
{"free - thinkers" I love that. As long as we agree with this author, right?}

But, I keep wondering what CHANGE might that exactly BE? The change in the teaching that we should not judge another?

Or, a change in the teaching that certain acts (no matter who is engaging in them) are indeed gravely disordered?

So, that would boil down to a change in the Catechism, I think?

I need to write more about this later.


Insisting that the pope had "clearly affirmed the church's moral teaching, in accord with her unbroken tradition," Cardinal Burke blamed perceptions to the contrary on "false praise" of Pope Francis by "persons whose hearts are hardened against the truth."

Yes, that's for sure!! I mean, that's true what Cardinal Burke said. 
But, I fear that these journalists mean that as an insult, in order to ridicule Cardinal Burke. As far as the journalists are concerned, there could be no such thing as "false praise" --- or is it that no praise could be false enough for Pope Francis. He is their deliverer, who will marry gays, ordain women, "allow" abortion and birth control

Accordingly, Cardinal Burke must be the mean old wicked warlock who is taking away all their (and Francis') fun.

In October of 2014, Joseph Sciambra mentioned Cardinal Burke in his blog post, and it was a good one. He links to a very nice interview with the Cardinal.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Faithful Catholic Teacher in her Fifties Loses Health Insurance and Job

I am grateful for this article, on First Things.

There have been far too  many allegedly "Catholic" teachers and legislators arguing for their  non-existent "right" to publicly promote abortion, criticize the Holy Father, and vilify the teachings of the Magisterium in every way possible.

I am partly incorrect when I say their right does not exist.

Of course, being U.S. citizens, they certainly do have a legal right. But, no faithful practicing Catholic has any moral right to publicly take exception to the doctrine or dogma of Holy Mother Church.

At the very least, I think they would have to ask for Confession before receiving the

~~ *B*O*D*Y* of *C*H*R*I*S*T* ~~.

If she is threatened with being fired for what she said, then her job is on the line because she is a devoted Catholic. If she is under the gun for how she said it—and the fact that the Sensitivity Police are offended by it—then she has lots of company, and in high places too.

I used to think that we U.S. citizens were free to state our personal opinions.

Further, if a U.S. citizens happens to be Catholic, and teaching in a Catholic school, then it would be normal and reasonable for that citizen's opinion to reflect the teachings of the Magisterium.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Becoming a Pro-Life Progressive

I joined an online group for "pro-life progressives."

Of course, pro-lifers are frequently accused of being conservative Republicans. (I've never been able to figure out what is so Democratic or liberal about killing babies before they're born, but I digress.)

A few days after I joined this group, a female posted a picture of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, with a recent quote reminding Catholics to uphold the two-thousand year-old teaching of Holy Mother Church by not using artificial birth control.

Her comment on this picture and quote:  "I'm Catholic, but I totally disagree. Some people can't afford to have kids." That is, she claimed to disagree with our Holy Father, Pope Francis, on a matter of doctrine and dogma.

I reminded her that she is not actually Catholic, because Catholics are not free to disobey, or even doubt, the doctrine and dogma of Holy Mother Church. We are certainly not free to influence others to disobey?

Was it St. Thomas Aquinas who said, "Ten thousand difficulties do not make a single doubt?"

She then proclaimed that I am not "progressive" enough, and her group was for "progressives."

Well, I tried to explain that I am highly progressive, but that doesn't mean that my fellow Catholics are off the hook when it comes to admonishment for their sins. If a Buddhist, a Baptist, or a Lutheran publicly took exception to a teaching of Holy Mother Church, it would not concern me.

But, please notice the little inverted turnabout here:  Her standard for "progressivism" is higher than the Holy Father's own pronouncement of Catholic doctrine and dogma. She is free to publicly call attention to her own heresy, but I am not free to call myself "progressive" outside of her standard.

This person could have simply ignored the Holy Father's statement. She could have just kept it to herself, and struggled privately with her difficulty. It almost seemed that she felt that publicly proclaiming herself as "Catholic," would lend credence to her dissent. There's no need to even consider any religious topics, in a "progressive" group.

"Progressive" is a secular label.

A Thankless Job for Us

So, those of us who actually give a hoot, are left here in the wilderness with the thankless task of admonishing the sinner all by ourselves, which nobody else seems able or willing to do these days.

One person from a local eatery said to me, "I only go to Confession once a year unless they show me a reason to do otherwise."

{Well, how about this for a reason:  You committed a mortal sin and you cannot receive the ~~ *B*O*D*Y* of *C*H*R*I*S*T* ~~ unless you are in a state or Grace. You can only be in a state of Grace again if Confess your mortal sin first? } 

I thought, but did not say.

I even asked a priest about this (in Confession, by the way, because I felt that I had sinned by not instructing her in her ignorance.) Strangely enough, Father said I had no obligation to do so.

Another person told me he had not been to Mass for twenty years, and asked if he could go to Mass with me. (Well, he didn't need ME for that, so why did he wait twenty years? Very mysterious.)

A few days before we were supposed to meet for Mass, I started worrying that he did not know or remember that he needed Confession before receiving the *B*O*D*Y* of *C*H*R*I*S*T* in the EUCHARIST.  I realized that I had an obligation to either remind him, or tell him for the first time. 

(The way catechesis has been going for the past forty years . . . ? It might even be possible for a man in his fifties to not know the basics.)
I tried to leave a message on his voice mail telling him about Holy Mother Church's doctrine. 
He did not show up --- thank Heavens! He claimed he could not hear the message, but I'm not sure if that was the real reason. I'm just glad he did not show up.

A young relative of mine saw a friend from school at Mass. My relative knew the friend had not been to Mass for a long time, because the friend had confided this privately. This relative wrote a little note to the friend, reminding the friend of her Sunday obligation, mortal sin and the necessity of being in a state of Grace before receiving the *B*O*D*Y* of *C*H*R*I*S*T*. She even asked Father about it, but he did not offer much guidance or support. He did mention the admonishment of sinners, and instruction of the ignorant, but he kind of shrugged it off.

Perhaps I can understand  --- a little? We don't want to start a brawl or make a scene during Mass, of course. 

But, what U.S. Catholic isn't wondering why Nancy Pelosi is still pretending to be "Catholic?" Can't her bishop tell her the truth?

And, that seems to be going on everywhere these days, here in the U.S. Thank goodness for Cardinal Burke!

The Catholic Teacher's Bishop Does Not Want to Talk About It

Bishop Bootkoski makes statements that are mutually exclusive. First, he claims that his "compassionate Catholic community . . . never wavers from our traditional Catholic teachings."

Personally, when I read of a parish or a diocese being called, ". . . Catholic community. . . " I think I already know I'm reading an author who subscribes to only the "spirit" of Vatican II but not its documents.

I guess he doesn't count that traditional Catholic teaching that says that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered? CCCC 2357.

On the other hand, I do get a little tired of people who claim that someone is committing an act in private when they have no way of knowing that. (There's only one way to know.) The Catechism also says that nobody has the right to know everything about another person. Just because a person has a same-sex attraction doesn't mean she or he is acting on it, and we have no right to bring or cause scandal, or to indulge in gossip.

Then, Bishop Bootkoski says, "Pope Francis reminds us that we are to accept all of our brethren. We must ensure that our educators steer away from harsh and judgmental statements that can alienate and divide us." 

Bishop Bootkoski says this as if "acceptance" of our fellow human beings means that we should also accept their sinful lifestyle.

But the teacher's statement was neither harsh nor judgmental. It was based on logic. She stated that sexual orientation is not an unchanging, inborn physical characteristic.

Therefore, it would not make sense to consider sexual orientation under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Catholics never can accept a sinful lifestyle as the norm. The Spiritual Works of Mercy tell us that we must:  

  • Admonish the Sinner;
  • Instruct the Ignorant;
  • Counsel the Doubtful;
  • Bear Wrongs Patiently;
  • Forgive Offenses Willingly;
  • Comfort the Afflicted;
  • Pray for the Living and the Dead.

I would so love to get this coloring book for
my grandbabies.
But, alas, I am verboten from
telling them about Mass,
or Our Lord, or Holy Mother Church.
I did manage to sneakily teach them
the Sign of the Cross, though :-)

Perhaps Bishop Bootkoski --- like many "Spirit of Vatican Two" adherents from the '70's and on --- would like to work only the Corporal Works of Mercy:

  • Clothe the naked;
  • Feed the hungry;
  • Give drink to the thirsty;
  • Visit the sick;
  • Visit the Imprisoned; 
  • Shelter the Homeless;
  • Bury the dead.

It always seems to me that alleged "liberals" only follow the Corporal Works of Mercy. They forget about the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Alleged "conservatives" only want to deal with the Spiritual Works of Mercy. They forget about the Corporal Works of Mercy.

They're both wrong.


    Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    My Birthday is on Ash Wednesday This Year! Wow What an Honor!

    I tried to search on the I'net for a database and found out that this is the second time in my life that Ash Wednesday has happened on my birthday.

    The first time was 1953, when I was five years old.

    Alessandro Volta is honored on the Google Doodle for today.


    This article claims that the image makes people think that Volta invented the light bulb.

    But, doesn't everybody know that THOMAS EDISON did that? I mean, what is up with ignorance these days?

    Speaking of ignorance --- I did not know that Thomas Edison was born on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    Thomas Edison died At 9 P.M. On Oct. 18th, 1931 in New Jersey. He was 84 years of age. Shortly before passing away, he awoke from a coma and quietly whispered to his very religious and faithful wife Mina, who had been keeping a vigil all night by his side:  "It is very beautiful over there..."     Recognizing that his death marked the end of an era in the progress of civilization, countless individuals, communities, and corporations throughout the world dimmed their lights and, or, briefly turned off their electric power in his honor on the evening of the day he was laid to rest at his beautiful estate at Glenmont, New Jersey.  Most realized that, even though he was far from being a   flawless human being and may not have really had the avuncular personality that was so often ascribed to him by myth makers, he was an essentially good man with a powerful mission....  Driven by a superhuman desire to fulfill the promise of research and invent things to serve mankind, no one did more to help realize  our Puritan founders dream of creating a  country that - at its best - would be viewed by the rest of the world as "a shining city upon a hill." 

    ~~~ from, copyright Gerald Beals.

    But, it's amazing I think?

    I like Brother Paul's post for today, on his blog, A Certain Hope.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Lourdes and Beyond --- An Article for February 11, 2015, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

    Here is a great article from the Catholic News Agency, by Sr. Joan Roccosalvo, C.S.J., in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast is today.

    I'm taking the lazy path today --- simply linking to two articles from the Catholic News Agency today. The first was my post about the statute of Fr. Junipero Serra, right before this.

    Some excerpts from Sr.'s article:  (But, I recommend reading it entirely, also. Just click the link where it says, "Here is a great article . . ," above. )

    Bernadette did not understand the meaning of the two words, Immaculate Conception, even though the Church had defined the dogma four years earlier in 1854.  Today, the Church celebrates the feast of that lady, Our Lady of Lourdes. 
     . . . 
    Since pilgrimages to Lourdes began in the last half of the nineteenth century, five thousand cures are known to have taken place.  Fifty-eight have been declared miraculous by Church officials though unofficially as many as seventy have been reported.     
    . . . 

    Mother: A Word with Multiple Levels of Meaning

    We know that mothers may be described in different ways, especially by their children, for example in the film, “I Remember Mama.”  Since mother is a primordial word, your mother and my mother participate in the universal understanding of motherhood.

    What of the Mother of God?  From the early Church, she is a constant and ubiquitous presence in liturgical worship and in devotional prayer.  In the Liturgy of the Hours there is a classical prayer available for every major Hour that venerates the Mother of God.
    There is more information at the bottom of the article about Sr. She is quite the accomplished academic, not that I'm surprised, after reading her article. There is also an email address for her.

    I have been a little unwell, both mentally and physically. That is my excuse for the aforementioned laziness.

    The mental unwellness is because of a tragic anniversary of February 11.

    My brother committed suicide on February 11, 1983, when he was twenty years old. At the time, I had been away from Holy Mother Church. I did not realize that February 11 was the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

    I don't exactly know what the physical unwellness is about?  Hoping just the flu or something??

    Please ask Our Lady for help. I get some very scary panic attacks sometimes.

    I hope to get my health back soon. Health is the only true wealth we have in this world. That was one of the main things I learned from my late father.

    Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes 

    Oh ever immaculate Virgin, Mother of Mercy, Health of the Sick, Refuge of Sinners, Comfortess of the Afflicted, you know my wants, my troubles, my sufferings. Look upon me with mercy. When you appeared in the grotto of Lourdes, you made it a privileged sanctuary where you dispense your favors, and where many sufferers have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both spiritual and corporal. I come, therefore, with unbounded confidence to implore your maternal intercession. My loving Mother, obtain my request. I will try to imitate your virtues so that I may one day share your company and bless you in eternity. Amen.

    This is with reference to Sr.'s mention of the 1948 movie, "I Remember Mama" starring Irene Dunn,  Barbara Bel Geddes and Oscar Homolka. (I do not know how to put footnotes in this blog yet, sadly.)

    Sr. Roccosalvo says:

    We know that mothers may be described in different ways, especially by their children, for example in the film, “I Remember Mama.”  Since mother is a primordial word, your mother and my mother participate in the universal understanding of motherhood. 

    At first, I was just going to mention that I never saw the 1948 movie, because I was born a few weeks before it was released. I just intended to mention that I very well remember the early TV show, though, and loved it so much.  I just wanted to watch TV all the time. In those days, TV was only on for a few hours per day.

    I rarely saw my mom. She was out working or hanging out with a guy who later became her second husband. She and my dad were already divorced. I stayed at the home of my grandma, great uncle, one or two aunts (--- one traveled back and forth to Philly---), step-grandpa and great-grandpa ( my mom's grandpa.) My mom and I both technically lived in a room there, but she was rarely in that room.

    My mom never liked mushy cards or
    sticky sentimentalism.
    But, while looking on Wikipedia for more information about the movie, I noticed that it was released on March 9, 1948.

    My baptismal date was March 8, 1948.

    My mom died on March 9, 2012. That was four months after she turned 84 in November. I usually sent her a funny card for her birthday, because she did not appreciate those mushy ones.

    She told me she kept it beside her bed so that she could get a laugh each day. I don't remember what it said, but it always took a long time to pick out a card for her. It had to be actually wtty and intelligent and surprising or she would not enjoy it.

    Father Junipero Serra Statue Perhaps Evicted from the United States Capitol Building

    Here is a link to an article from Catholic News Agency. 

    One legislator from California wants to replace the statute of Fr. Junipero with one of Sally Ride.

    Msgr. Weber [an 82-year-old Archivist Emeritus of the Archival Center at the San Fernando Mission in Mission Hills, Calif.] worried that an agenda was at work in the criticisms leveled at Serra.

    “The Native Americans, I think, are being utilized by these people who have a rather warped view of what evangelization is all about,” he said. “I’m convinced that the questions about Junipero Serra are really not about Serra himself, who simply epitomized Catholic evangelization. I’m convinced that this is an attack on all of Catholic evangelization throughout the world.”

    Friday, February 6, 2015

    "There is no Dignity in Death by Suicide."

    "Assisted suicide . . . is nothing more than a cruel lie."

    Please read the entire letter from Wisconsin Vigil for Life, opposing the Euthanasia Bill, recently introduced by Democrats Sondy Pope-Roberts, and State Senator Fred Risser.

    So-called “death with dignity” forces routinely speak of patients dying in intractable pain. They call killing oneself a “basic human right” that should be constitutionally protected. Yet medical studies show that virtually all pain can be alleviated at the end of life. The World Health Organization has found that 95 to 100 percent of the pain experienced by people at the end of life can be adequately controlled. Instead of killing the pain, “death with dignity” activists focus on killing the patient." 

    ----- Excerpt from the Vigil For Life memo, link above.

    This week will be the 32d anniversary of my own little brother's suicide. He was born in 1962, when I was fourteen years old. He remembered sitting in his playpen while listening to everybody discussing President Kennedy's assassination, when he was a little more than a year old.

    He would have turned fifty two years old in September of 2014. He used to sit in his little baby seat, or recliner, on the table, while I did my tenth grade homework. Of course, he outgrew that quickly, and became too active.

    He died on February 11, 1983. I was away from Holy Mother Church. I did not even know at the time that February 11 was the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

    February 11th is also World Day of the Sick now.

    I felt greatly relieved when I rediscovered it was the Feast of Our Lady (I must have known it previously), as if Our Lady is taking a special interest in him, as she does for us all, of course.

    He was buried on St. Valentine's Day. My kids and I took a little trip from the funeral home, to the convenience store across the street. They were getting restless at the funeral home. We bought a little box of candy Valentine hearts.

    I remembered that I had bought cigarettes for my brother a few days before, in that same store.

    This week is a very horrible week for me. I have psychiatric and emotional problems anyway, due to a traumatic past.

    I would like to ask for my readers to pray for all those in Purgatory, and for all those with depression and panic disorder, and for those who are contemplating suicide, that they may remain hopeful.

    If he were here now, I think he would probably laugh about whatever silliness had made him think of committing suicide back then.

    Yet, some folks seem to think that was his "choice," and he had every "right" to do that.

    Other, equally ignorant folks, tell me, they're sorry, but my little brother is in Hell, because everybody who commits suicide goes there. Therefore, my brother cannot possibly be in Heaven with Our Lord.

    My brother did not have any assistance committing suicide, but the basic idea is the same:  Life is meaningless and without hope.

    Catholics know better. We have the three great Theological Virtues:

    1. Faith. 
    2. Hope. 
    3. Charity.

    (Not to mention those other four. )

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    The Feast of the Presentation, Candlemas, is the Fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary

    Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Blaise, when many Catholic parishes offer blessing of throats during Mass.

    St. Blaise has a very good Wikipedia page, I'm glad to see, because I've never known much about him myself --- although always familiar with his name and the blessing of throats.

    I must be sure I do get to Mass tomorrow for my throat blessing, because I have had a sore, scratchy throat ever since my mom died of lung cancer in March of 2012. When I was a little girl, I used to try to convince her to quit smoking, but she did not or could not. I don't know which.

    So, then, when I became ten years old, (in 1958), I figured I should also start smoking cigarettes, because I did not want her to die alone, and I figured we could "go" together.

    However, my kids convinced me to try to quit, in 1982, when they were eleven, five, four and one. I actually had no intention of doing anything at all, but somehow --- I did quit smoking anyway.

    When my mom contracted lung cancer, in 2011, I remembered my pledge to die along with her, and I have felt guilty ever since, for not dying along with her in March of 2012, as I was "supposed" to.

    I hope that St Blaise will help me become free of this chronic sore throat --- if that is God's will.

    Here is a very informative and interesting page about the history,
    customs, culture and even recipes pertaining to The Feast of the Presentation.

    After all, it is also called "Crepe (Pancake) Day" in some countries, especially France.

    The Presentation is the Fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary.

    Here is a link to a printable page of The Presentation for young people.

    Please pray for my mom to be in Heaven with Our Lord.

    Please pray that all smokers will have the grace to quit without trying.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    Russ Feingold at the Coffee Shop.

    I was sitting in a West Side coffee shop one day while Feingold was still in office.

    My appearance is always disheveled and unkempt due to my invisible disability. (That is, mental health issues. Hence the adjective "crazy" in the title of my blog.)
    No smile for a poor senior citizen.

    I am on a very low income.

    Russ Feingold --- the day after a midterm election in which he had not been running --- came in and spoke with all the other customers there.

    He refused to speak with or look at me. He stood up in the middle of the room while conversing with all the other customers. (All women, I think.) They were all seated, and stayed that way.

    It became obvious that he was deliberately avoiding eye contact with me, although he made direct eye contact with all the others as he spoke.

    He also deliberately turned his back to me when I approached him in order to make a polite comment.

    The comment I started to make --- but he turned his back before I could finish --- was completely germane to the conversation that he was already having with those other ladies.

    I have been a registered Democrat since 1969. You had to be 21 to vote back then. ( I just missed voting for Humphrey in the 1968 election. I didn't turn 21 until three months later.) I will never support anyone who would act the way Feingold did toward me that day.

    Even if I agree with his politics.

    He probably thinks unkempt, disheveled people don't know how to read and write, and therefore nobody will ever know how he treats us.


    Now my readers know.

    I could never have any respect for him again. Only revulsion.

    (This is what I posted to Russ Feingold’s Facebook page today, ca 1 p.m, Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Facebook stripped out the formatting, so it looks like it’s all one paragraph.)

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