Monday, November 9, 2015

. . . . back when cookies used to be delicious little dessert items baked in the oven . . .

For our Friends in Europe

(assuming Europe is the same as " the European Union" . . . ?? --- of which --- alas!! --- I am none so sure.)



  There seems to be a problem with something called (in tech parlance) "cookies."

I do not actually know what these cookies are, but I do know that they are very annoying. 

Even though they are annoying, they still seem to speed things up sometimes on the Internet.

Which makes no sense, I think?

Nevertheless . . . 

The main point that I need to get across today is that folks in Europe, or the European Union--- or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays --- may be getting some of these cookies --- which I believe are little bits of code that somehow get onto (or install themselves on) the computers of folks who read my blog.

Apparently, since there is a possibility of these cookies getting onto the hard drive (? is that the right term?) of anyone who may read this blog, I must legally notify all readers of this blog.

Further, I must obtain permission of anyone who reads this blog because the cookies may be somehow zapping through to the reader's computer at this very moment. Because the cookies are somehow able to actually store certain pieces or bits of code or information on the computer of anyone who reads a page of my blog.

Or, do the cookies store something on Google from the reader's computer?

It's very confusing to this granny. Plus, I told you I was crazy. Right in the title of my blog.


But, craziness does not absolve me of my responsibilities to my readers. 

I have an obligation to tell readers that Google Analytics uses cookies to glean information about their locations. Also, some other things, I think, like what operating system, browser, model of hardware, etc., readers are using. 

As you can see, I really don't know what I'm talking about here, but I am trying to kind of "squeak by" and fulfill my obligation as quickly and easily as possible. 

At least for now.

Otherwise, I may become "non-compliant," regarding cookie computing.

I will talk to some computer folks when I get a chance, in order to understand.

Right now, I should just link to the information that Google sent us bloggers: 

This page to help bloggers (like me!) know how to get the consent from readers (like you!)

I do not know for sure whether or not my "cookies notice" is really appearing on my blog.

I did take Google's advice about "pretending" I am logging in at an EU domain, to see if the cookies notice appears. It seems to be ok, but I'd like to be more confident. I'll keep checking.

The important thing is that readers in the E.U. must receive the required notification. In case that notice does not appear on the blog, I am saying it right here:

There are cookies on this blog. 

(I don't know if that's good enough or not ?)

I also want to ask about which language this notice should be in? Maybe a lot, since we're talking about Europe.

On the other hand, my blog is in English, so  . . . ?

My eyes hurt from looking at this screen. I'll offer it up for the souls in Purgatory, but I still need to stop for today.

Eyes are a wonderful gift from the Creator.

I cannot think of cookies and Europe without thinking of what I read about how the REAL cookies -- the ones baked in an oven --- actually got started by German bakers, who would bake little tiny samples of their cakes for tasting.

Then, thinking about these German bakers makes me think of Our Holy Father Emeritus, Benedict XVI because he was born in Bavaria. 


Here is an article about this cookie issue in the EU, but it's from 2011. Not sure how relevant it will be now.

Here is another helpful article from Google, but perhaps not specifically regarding the EU?

Last but not least: 

A recipe for classic sugar cookies from Martha.

Sugar, butter, flour, one egg, and a couple other small things.

You can make this recipe as is, just plain. You can also do lots of fancy stuff.

Either way, they're always delicious.


I have noticed some ads on some pages of my blog that seem to be trying to create the mistaken impression they refer to Holy Mother Church, when they really are from some kind of fear-mongering "prophecy" cult.

They create the illusion that they are speaking for Holy Mother Church, although it is pretty obvious they have no connection whatsoever with Her.

(This paragraph is blue, in honor of our Blessed Mother, The Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue. When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to have a 78 r.p.m. record of this by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.)

I hope I can rid my blog of these fear-mongering ads.They're really quite disgusting.

I have no way of knowing how accurate this website is, but it seems to have the ring of truth. The author has had some serious first-hand experience, unfortunately.

"Destructive religious groups, often referred to as Bible-based, apocalyptic cults, spiritually abusive churches, or high demand groups, are becoming more widespread in our society."


Please always feel free to consult the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Here is a complete Catechism in English on the Holy See website.

Here is another searchable Catechism (in English and Spanish) on the USCCB website.

(The Catechism is also in many languages on the Holy See website.
Here is a page regarding some technical aspects of the Catechism. --- Which I do not understand.)

Here is a link to  the website of the Holy See, which is translated into many languages online.

Here is the English version.

Here is the French version.

Here is the Chinese version.

Here is the Arabic version.