Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday, July Sixth, 2014

The first reading today was from the Prophet Zechariah.

I'm thinking Zaccaria --- as in St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria, whose feast was yesterday, July 5th --- is the Italian version of Zechariah?

Zachary, here in the U.S.?

There is an interesting Wikipedia page about the name Zechariah. Probably no need for a link?

At least I don't think :-)


I would never be caught dead in a skirt.

Literally.---  I mean, even in my coffin.

If you want to know why, read (or see a performance of) St. Joan, by George Bernard Shaw. I remember watching this play on Playhouse 90, back in the early days of television. Or, perhaps it was one of those other great television drama shows.

Speaking of St. Joan:  If you have read my page called, "My Blogger Blog and Me," you may know that I was baptized at St. Joan of Arch Church in Philadelphia, Pa.

It appears that St. Joan of Arc does not exist anymore? At least they include an address and a phone number to obtain records.

When I was little, girls couldn't go downtown in pants or slacks, which was why I didn't like going downtown so much. Then, there were those white gloves. . .