Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's official (according to dailykos): Pope No Longer Catholic, As Journalists Have Been Predicting!!!

Cardinal Burke

It's official:  

Pope No Longer Catholic, As Liberal Journalists Have Been Predicting!!


Wow, what  bunch of idiots at this Kos publication!!

After ridiculing Cardinal Burke for suggesting that the Holy Father is not free to change doctrine or dogma by himself, they make this claim:

"Apparently the Pope is free, at minimum, to encourage change. This is one more reason why so many free-thinkers in America, and in other countries love Pope Francis."
(Um, shouldn't there be a comma between 'countries' and 'love' --- for the appositive?)
{"free - thinkers" I love that. As long as we agree with this author, right?}

But, I keep wondering what CHANGE might that exactly BE? The change in the teaching that we should not judge another?

Or, a change in the teaching that certain acts (no matter who is engaging in them) are indeed gravely disordered?

So, that would boil down to a change in the Catechism, I think?

I need to write more about this later.


Insisting that the pope had "clearly affirmed the church's moral teaching, in accord with her unbroken tradition," Cardinal Burke blamed perceptions to the contrary on "false praise" of Pope Francis by "persons whose hearts are hardened against the truth."

Yes, that's for sure!! I mean, that's true what Cardinal Burke said. 
But, I fear that these journalists mean that as an insult, in order to ridicule Cardinal Burke. As far as the journalists are concerned, there could be no such thing as "false praise" --- or is it that no praise could be false enough for Pope Francis. He is their deliverer, who will marry gays, ordain women, "allow" abortion and birth control

Accordingly, Cardinal Burke must be the mean old wicked warlock who is taking away all their (and Francis') fun.


In October of 2014, Joseph Sciambra mentioned Cardinal Burke in his blog post, and it was a good one. He links to a very nice interview with the Cardinal.


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