Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Underground Rooftop, Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Well, I noticed a small outdoor space which didn't seem to be used by anyone, for anything. It's on the roof of a garage.

It gets a lot of sun each day, so I started wondering if a container garden might work there. Spring is such a blessing, especially after that ghoulish winter we just had.

I have some veggies on this rooftop now, and a few flowers. All in containers.

I don't know if nobody noticed it, or what. It's not my property, and I didn't ask or tell.

I don't think many property owners would just destroy it, even if not authorized., although the property owner has that right.

So, I usually try to water everything before the sun comes up, because the roof is next to a small parking lot. I don't want to be conspicuous.

This morning, I got there much later than I should have. I heard a male voice ask me a couple of questions about the plants, which I answered somewhat abruptly. I have a tendency to get friendly and chatty, but needed to get the h2o' ing done and get out of here. Didn't want to risk discovery.

When I looked down (I was on roof level) at the owner of this male voice, I recognized the editor of a magazine with worldwide circulation. When I realized who he was, I said hi, and his first name. I guess he was turned off by my unfriendly disposition, so he just kept walking, which was probably better for me anyway.

Now I'm hoping he doesn't tell the world about how nasty I was. Or do I hope that?

Maybe I hope that he doesn't write an article which will enable the property owner to identify the rooftop in question.

I don't really know what I'm hoping for, except perhaps some nice, fresh tomatoes and a few other veggies. And pretty flowers.

It's actually quite demeaning to have to live like some sort of refugee or criminal when you are sixty six years old, and had been a perfect tenant for nine years, and a perfect Section 8 recipient for eighteen years, and never did anything wrong.

Of course, I must offer everything up for the souls in Purgatory, and I do, as much as possible. But, you're supposed to have a joyous attitude when you offer things up, or it doesn't count.

Not sure if I do it right?

Here is a small article from Scott Richert's Catholicism page on About dot com, explaining a little bit about offering up for the souls in Purgatory. (Scott calls them "holy souls," but I've also read about the "poor souls in Purgatory." I will have to look that one up.)  Of course, Holy Mother Church dedicates the entire month of November to the dead, but we should remember them every day.

Scott's article includes this quote from our Retired Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI:

Truthfully, the Church invites us to pray for the dead every day, offering also our sufferings and difficulties that they, once completely purified, might be admitted to enjoy the light and peace of the Lord for all eternity.

But, it is an injustice that must be repaired, and I'm still working on it, but can't publish my plans yet.

Here's a link to my blog that explains how I came to be homeless.

The link is also on my page entitled, "My Blogger Blog and Me," in this blog. It should be under the list of "pages," which is apparently different from a regular post.

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