Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - "Roman Catholic *WHAT*?"

Making it All Up

I was at the computer keyboard, trying to click on those photos of celebrities without makeup, when an even uglier headline caught my eye. Something about the first female bishop in some state. Maybe Indiana?

Okay, well,  so what? Protestants seem to also have bishops, some of whom seem to have been female. Not that I've been keeping up or anything.

Then, the words, "Roman Catholic," leapt out.

Oh, another one of  those stories. Journalists love those, don't they?

I think journalists love to fantasize about the gates of Hell prevailing against Holy Mother Church. Then, anything would be permissible ---

The article explained that the only catch was that this bishop is not "officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church."

Well, that is quite a catch. Some might call it a whopper.
Is something fishy around here?
(Other than the lack of PhotoShop skills?)

And, it's quite a tale to tell.

Here's a funny quote from the website of the folks who claim to have ordained a female bishop, as well as female "priests":
"Roman Catholic Womenpriests are at the forefront of a model of service that offers Catholics a renewed priestly ministry in vibrant grassroots communities where all are equal and all are welcome." [I won't be including any link to this website, but it's not difficult to find.]

A Problematic Paragraph

Where do I begin?

They claim to be "at the forefront." Yet, how could that be, when the priesthood has been around for two thousand years.

Oh, okay, they don't claim to be at the forefront of history. Just at the forefront of "a model of service . . . "

What might that "model of service" be? Apparently something that "offers Catholics a renewed priestly ministry." Well, what if Catholics are already happy with the priestly ministry as it is now?

Oh, I see, the ministry we have now is apparently not welcoming or equalizing? --- According to these gals.

Perhaps because it does not take place "in vibrant grassroots communities . . ." characterized by the aforementioned equality and welcome.

But, didn't they just say it "offers Catholics a . . . ministry?"

So, that wouldn't be welcoming to "all," then, right, because it's only for Catholics? It's really quite a conundrum.

As Well as a Perplexing Paradigm

They claim to already be Roman Catholic. But, they actually aren't because they have chosen to disobey the teachings of the Magisterium. Which puts them outside of  a state of grace. Roman Catholics not in a state of grace are excommunicated until they go back to Confession. That was always my understanding.

This website points out that these gals have openly defied a certain canon law, but, according to them, that's okay, because that canon law is unjust and discriminatory. I guess they think of themselves as volunteers on the underground railroad, or something.

It's like the Fully Informed Jury Association explains on its website --- that jurors in the 19th century refused to convict those who helped slaves run away, even though it was a federal crime, technically.

We all have a choice in which religion to practice. So, why "choose" a religion you dislike in the first place?

I've always had a problem with this dynamic. People claiming they are there to "change" Holy Mother Church.

There are umpteen jillion Protestant communities out there. They all ordain women, as far as I can see. Many perform gay marriage, as far as I can see.

They're not there because they have something to offer, or because they love the sacraments. Or because they love Our Lord and His Holy and Immaculate Mother.

Or because Holy Mother Church has the fulness of truth.

Pope Francis Doesn't Judge 

Neither do I. (Big of me, huh?)

But, I DO love Holy Mother Church --- exactly as She is. And, I do not want Her to change. I'm glad She has always been there for me, even when I turned my back and stayed away for about fifty years total --- off and on.

I stayed away for decades because I was not ready to give up my immoral lifestyle. 

There was never any time when I thought, "Wow, it's really not nice that Holy Mother Church doesn't allow a Roman Catholic to practice such an immoral lifestyle. Shame on Her."


I just want to be sure readers (all three of them) know that I mean no disrespect. These lady "bishops" and "priests" all seem like very nice gals.

(They probably don't appreciate my calling them "gals.)
They might consider becoming nuns.

Nuns do that kind of work anyway. Then, they won't have to worry about burning in the hellfires of Gehenna for all eternity. --- oops, I mean, you know -- openly defying that canon law.

Back in the old days, that used to be called HERESY.

God bless. Pray without ceasing, that Our Blessed Mother ask Her Divine Son to open their hearts and minds to the truth and beauty of Holy Mother Church, Mater et Magistra.


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